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White Powder Gold EP

April 24, 2012

Now then, I’m not a fan of ‘genres’ or ‘labels’. Labels are for fashionistas and as far as I can see there are only two types of music. Music you like and music you don’t. I spent too much time in my youth trying to redefine myself to avoid being put in an easy, comfortable pigeonhole. Labelling seems only to be easy and comfortable for the person doing it.

But occasionally you come across a genre that you’ve never heard of before. ‘Council Estate Indie’ is one such tag and it’s been nailed securely to the mast of White Powder Gold. Whether or not it is accurate, fair or even helpful is open to scrutiny. I, however, would prefer to say that they fall into the “music I like” category. I have to confess that I’d never heard of the Londoners until they randomly followed me on Twitter last month. Now, I can’t get enough WPG. 

You see, what the quartet offer is such a balanced blend of  different styles, pooling from a diverse range of influences that it seems, to me at least, that what we have here is something unique. For sure you can hear the ‘council estate’ part of the equation hollering loud and unashamedly clear and yes, there are definite ‘indie’ overtones. But there’s hip-hop, grunge, rock, soul, R&B, funk, punk, garage, dubstep and a dozen other references in there and, if you like your music loud with a higher octane content than an F1 car’s fuel, there will most definitely be something in here for you.

First track on the EP is Rockenrolla, which I had as my ‘single of the week’ on the site. Visitors will note that my one line review simply read, “More energy than an electric eel in a tank filled with Red Bull.” It has an arrogance and a swagger that, far from being a turn off, is infectious and inspiring. Regular readers will know that I can’t be doing with, “My whip’s better than your whip, look at my bling,” kinda bullshit lyrics; the bragado that puts me off a lot of ‘urban’ music. N-Dubz? Street? Fuck off! They all went to private schools! Street? Last time I checked, St John’s Wood wasn’t an urban ghetto. What I admire about WPG though is the ‘I don’t have much and I don’t give a shit’ attitude; the ‘I am who I am take it or leave it’ mentality. It’s cool.

Can’t Stop Me Now has been astutely and eclectically remixed by both Marco Del Horno and Lewi White. Released as the single before Rockenrolla, it’s as hooky as New Order’s erstwhile bass player and the driving, anthemic chorus will soon have live crowds singing along. And possibly a few dead ones too.

I think it’s a sign of something special when R&B/hip-hip critics say things like, “I’m not the biggest fans of indie music, but White Powder Gold have won me over!”

And when indie critics say things like, “I’m not the biggest fan of urban music, but…”

Like I said, there’s only two types of music and I think you can always find something positive. Except when you’re listening to N-Dubz. What? They’ve split up you say? Well there you go – something positive.

I think the most telling quote though comes from the band themselves, “We make the music we love. Sometimes that means hard bass, sometimes it’s a guitar riff, but it always comes from the soul.”

Amen to that fellas and I can’t wait to see you at The Watershed.

WHITEPOWDERGOLD EP – click to listen



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  1. “Now, I can’t get enough WPG” ….. sounds addictive!

  2. Amen to two categories of music: Yes and No!

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