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Sheding Festival – Two Man Ting

March 27, 2012

Sheding Festival at The Watershed in Newport Pagnell has been a joy with many, many pleasant surprises. Not least of which was Two Man Ting on Sunday.

Two Man Ting
Jah-Man & Jon & a taste of Sierra Leone

Jon Lewis [guitar, loops, percussion and vox] and Jah-Man Aggrey [djembe, percussion and vox] released their album ‘Legacy‘ at the back end of 2010 and I’m hugely disappointed that I haven’t discovered them until now. Two Man Ting are just what is required in the early evening when the clocks have gone forward and spring sunshine glows comfortingly at 7pm. The duo open with Duvet Song, a reminder of the cold, hard winter we’ve just endured. And as Jah-Man, who originally hails from Sierra Leone sings with voice still heavily accented, “after 20 years, still can’t acclimatise. Love, pass me the duvet,”  an audible laugh emanates from Mrs Aardvark, herself a notorious duvet thief! Yet the vernal warmth outside cannot compete with the music radiating from The ‘Shed. Warm in the most chilled out of ways.

Jon sets up the most hypnotic loops and then, when all is comfortable with the world, blends in exquisite, West African inspired descant chord progressions and effortlessly intricate scale runs. Jah-Man’s vocals, ranging from sweet and high to deep and guttural, are at times, mesmerising. Combined with his authentic percussion, we have a recipe as intense as the curry goat I’d had for lunch earlier. At the end of their third or fourth number, I had a word in my head which, as I thought it, someone else in the audience said. “Lush.” Yep, lush.

About half way through, they played the Willi Williams 1978 classic, (also covered by The Clash) Armagideon Time and I don’t mind admitting it made me feel quite emotional. Listening back to ‘Legacy’ now, with its sandy beach sleeve and its decadent laid-back vibe, I can feel a sigh. Not a sigh of regret that I’ve missed out on Two Man Ting for so long, but a sigh of contentment, for I have found them at last.




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  1. The Clash that was “London Calling” wasn’t it ….. who composed, sang, “Our House”, again? Well, I will google it!

    • Spot on… Armagideon Time was the ‘B’ side. I might still have a copy of it in a loft somewhere!
      And yes, I can see you’ve already answered your other question.
      Happy days!

  2. Yes, of course, ‘Madness’.

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