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Sheding Festival – The Manic Shine

March 26, 2012

I’m afraid I’ll have to keep this one brief. It is with great regret that I have to hang my head in shame and say that I didn’t see much of The Manic Shine‘s headline set at The Watershed on Saturday night. About three or four numbers, that was it and, therefore, I have to say I can’t really give a full and respectfully informed critique.

The Manic Shine
Photo courtesy of @abuhamster

But without wishing to cause offence to any of the other musicians that performed at Sheding Festival this weekend, as musicians, these guys were in a different class. Please, I implore you, have a look at their site and listen to their music online. Then go and see them live. Nothing can prepare you for the experience. You may, rightly or wrongly, see images of them over the net and conclude that they may, or may not be your bag. This is narrow minded, short-sightedness.

What you have here is a union of British, Israeli and Syrian bloodstock, reflected in a sound that is quite, quite unique; powerful and mesmeric in equal measure. I have to admit, I read the blurb before the gig and thought, “Hmmm, sounds a bit hippy, artschool, prog rock bollocks to me.” Oh I can be a narrow minded, short-sighted, not to mention foolish aardvark sometimes.

The reason we left early? Mrs Aardvark and myself have both been suffering from bad backs recently. The ‘Shed was absolutely rammed and everyone was jumping. It was a decision reluctantly made. The tweets flying around after the gig – as I convalesced in the burrow with a cup of tea and some ants on toast – were unanimous in their praise and admiration for the band.

My mission is to see a full set so that I can spread the word properly.

With my deepest apologies to The Manic Shine.



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  1. just listened to “pretend” at good stuff!

    • Glad you liked it. If only Assad and Netenyahu could be so harmonious. Of course, what would be preferable would be for the politicians to fuck off and allow people who can actually communicate with each other to run things! Wow, that was a bit of an ‘out there’ thought for this time of the morning.

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