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Sheding Festival – Dave Vegas Project

March 24, 2012

First things first. Happy 1st birthday to The Watershed. Precocious little so-and-so isn’t just having a party, oh no, only a three day festival will do. The Sheding Festival kicked off last night at the self-proclaimed, ‘Dirty Little Art Hole’ in Newport Pagnell. Watch this space for reviews of The Fades and The Indelicates; both exceptional in their own way, and I’ll be having an eagerly awaited look at (and listen to) ‘Pulmonary Oaks’, the début album from local boys, Charlie’s Uniform, who closed out last night.

Dave Vegas Project
'Fun, Noisery, & the Lash!'

It was The Dave Vegas Project that got us underway and, as imposing as the bill ahead of them might have looked, the Northampton-based quintet did a sterling job. They might only be a week older than the venue, but this was the fifth time they’ve appeared at The Watershed and the band are on tour until June. DVP is Dave Vegas [vox & guitar], Gemma [lead vox], “Bernard” [bass] (although I suspect she actually prefers to be called Bernie), Geoff [rhythm guitar] and Drew [drums] and, according to Dave himself, the project is to, “Get lashed and have fun.” To which Gemma adds, “And make lots of noise!”

Then, as if by magic, a beer appears and is thrust into Dave’s hand, which means they’ve ticked all the boxes tonight. Fun and noisy they most certainly are. My immediate reaction to seeing and hearing them was that this was exactly the kind of band I used to listen to in my late teens. (And before you say anything, that was the mid-to-late 80’s. No, not the 1880’s you cheeky git!) It’s rocky, garagey, bluesy, punky… For sure, the band reference White Stripes, Jefferson Airplane and The Libertines as high amongst their influences, all of which I get, but yet I find myself cast back 25 years, being reminded of All About Eve, Rubella Ballet and The Banshees. Of course, Gemma’s high-octane vocals are partly responsible, but combined with powerful guitars and a driving rhythm section, you’re probably best advised to lash yourself down and have fun enjoying the noise. Or jump around like a lunatic. Your call, but my advice is to get yourself along to one of their gigs or check them out online. Mosquito Girl is a bit of a belter. Big things lie ahead for this lot. Trust me. I’m never wrong.

The EP is out in June to coincide with the Euro Championships. No, it’s not going to contain a cover of Three Lions or Vindaloo…

…it’s for all of you who need a powerful antidote to three and a half weeks of football.



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