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Extraditional Values

March 19, 2012

Here comes another head vs brick wall moment…

…which is a shame because this story starts with something all-too-rare these days, solidarity.

Saturday’s FA Cup tie between Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers was rightly abandoned after 41 minutes due to the collapse of the Bolton midfielder, Fabrice Muamba, on the pitch shortly before half time. His heart had stopped and he was rushed to hospital, following expert medical attention at the ground. His condition, fortunately has improved and the latest news (currently 20:00 GMT 19/03/12) is that he has managed to say a few words in both English and French from his hospital bed. I continue to wish Fabrice a full and speedy recovery and my thoughts are with him and his family. I would also like to applaud the entire football community for their unanimous and unambiguous support. The messages that came from each and every corner of the footballing world must have been a source of great strength to Muamba’s family at what, one can only imagine, must have been an insanely traumatic time.

And then it all started to get a bit Harry and Billy.

You know me. Well, maybe you don’t, but I enjoy the weird and wonderful world of Twitter. It’s informative, inane, humorous and infuriating in equal measure. It’s life in 140 characters. And life is littered with more than it’s fair share of idiots.

On Saturday, as the news was breaking from White Hart Lane, one such idiot deemed it necessary to rear his ugly head. He goes by the name @Walken4GOP. Real name, Chet Walken. His Twitter profile reads, “Christian Conservative, Hunting, Nascar, Jesus, NObama, GOP, Tea Party, USA, WANT MY COUNTRY BACK! Libtards aint welcome here! #Romney2012. Houston, Texas”

Here are just a few of his most recent tweets.

Every time I seen a nigger collapse it was cause it was high on drugs. Just one less criminal… Let him die and let it be. #Muamba 

#Muamba is a British nigger? I thought he was stinking up my beautiful #USA ! In that case I care even less if he lives or dies.

Wow. Getting a lot of of hate mail. I reckon some of these British types need to learn about the love of #CHRIST and forgiveness.

Why am I getting all this hate mail? Makes me wish the ~USA would have just let Hitler have his way with you ungrateful heathens. #London

In the #USA, we have the freedom of speech. I can say what ever I want to who ever I want. It’s called freedom!

My granddaddy fought in WWII. Glad he fought the Japs instead of helping the British and their drug addicted soccer players. #Muamba

There you go, you can make your own mind up about Mr Walken, but unsurprisingly, there were tweets and retweets going around calling for this guy (I’m trying to remain constructive) to be thrown off Twitter altogether. Personally, I fall into the ‘give ’em enough rope’ camp, and I hope that the powers that be will actually do something more meaningful. You see, the USA might be proud of their right to ‘freedom of speech’, but this is also a concept enshrined  in UK legislature. However, we also have the clause relating to the incitement of religious and racial hatred, which carry stiff custodial sentences in British courts. Ask Abu Hamza, he’ll tell you.

So, seeing as we have such a ‘special’ relationship with the US that means we can see fit to extradite our own nationals (Richard O’Dwyer) across the pond to face charges for crimes that, even if proven, weren’t committed on American soil, surely we can do the same in the case of our bible-bashing, gun-toting, Jesus-loving, Houston-based hypocrite?

Now, I know you’re well-educated and rational enough to know there’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of Mitt Romney winning Mastermind. Or Sarah Palin joining the Peace Corps. Or Newt Gingrich turning out to be a real newt. And with Dave and Nick intent on selling off everything the UK still has left from the roads to the NHS, to fund tax cuts for the rich, the only safe investment will be in Vaseline because our leaders are going to be bending over an awful lot to accommodate the ‘special relationship’.

Constructiveness over.

Walken, see you next Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday!


  1. Someone has also been arrested because of his racist tweets re- Muamba;

    Fabrice Muamba himself to be a very nice young man who has overcome no little hardship – he is from the DR Congo, of course – to become a premier league player. Sol Campbell’s article in the ‘Guardian’ – and another article from sunday, seem to suggest that he was a very modest, genuine, guy.

  2. And who said there was never any good news in the press?

    With any luck, we’re going to reach a point fairly soon, where ‘trolling’ becomes as socially unacceptable as drink driving.

    Thanks for the reply – excellent links. Cheers.

  3. NBrews permalink

    I complained about this vile excuse for a human being to Twitter. All they could say was, if you don’t like it block him, but we are going to do absolutely nothing. Twitter have no regard whatsoever for what is morally right, or in the case of the UK illegal (inciting racial hatred), they just hide behind the free speech banner. Makes Twitter little better than the racists themselves in my eyes.

    • Thanks for your comments NBrews. Shame on Twitter for doing ‘absolutely nothing’, but in the end I think these ‘trolls’ do themselves more harm than good. Certainly in the UK it seems that the police are becoming more intolerant of this kind of thing and there have been a number of high(ish) profile cases. Fortunately the ‘free speech’ banner goes out of the window when religious or racial hatred is concerned and what (some) people need to learn is that, with rights come responsibilities.
      That said, it is important to remember that we also have the right to be offended. If laws are broken, then that’s one thing, but would we rather inhabit a world where we had to shoot down the odd troll, or one where no one was allowed to express themselves? Walken went too far. He should face, I believe, some kind of legal consequence. Whether it happens or not, we know what we can expect from the ‘Christian Right’ he purports to represent.

  4. Made some calls and it turns out that twitter account @Walken4GOP is run by someone associated with Campaign For A Moral America. #SadHypocrites

    • #SadHypocrites says it all Paul. Are you sure you’ve read it right and it’s not the Campaign For Amoral America?!
      Good work – I’ll keep an eye out for that lot, but judging by a quick Google search (not exactly scientific I know), they’re not getting a massive amount of publicity.


  5. Dan permalink

    If the ublic was to raise enough money… like a donation from a football or something… would like make Chet Walken more likely to be extradiated to the UK to face trial for racially abusing one of our people?

  6. Whilst I admire your spirit, the idea of money ‘buying’ an extradition is scary. I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t happen – let’s face it, the rich can buy questions in Parliament, buy their way out of paying taxes and bribe the police and government officials.
    What I would like to see is Richard O’Dwyer’s MP raise the question of his extradition to the US again and make the direct comparison between his case and those of Walken and Liam Stacey (see link in sancullotist’s reply above)
    Purely in black and white terms, Walken is guilty of inciting racial hatred. However, even if our authorities wanted to take action against this example of pondlife, it would take a gargantuan effort to get the US authorities to play ball…
    …shouldn’t stop us kicking up a fuss about it though. But leave your wallet where it is!
    Thanks for leaving your comment – I really appreciate it.

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