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All Together Now

March 17, 2012

Just a quickie because I have to go and bang my head against a brick wall in a minute.

aartwork by Brad Tuttle

Ahead of next week’s budget, Chancellor George Osbourne is expected to  scrap the national public pay scale. This means that teachers, nurses and care workers in poorer parts of the country will have their pay frozen until they meet with private sector wages. In effect, a nurse in Newcastle will get paid less than one in Newbury for doing the same job, despite having the same training and qualifications.

Come on Mr Osbourne, surely even you can see that this could be construed as unfair? Let’s go the whole hog here, after all we are all in this together. If we need to save money, why not freeze pay across the whole country? Public servants have had it far too easy, what with their infeasibly large pension demands and all. I mean, they cost the country an absolute fortune whilst lounging around at university in order to delay taking a place within the workforce. And if it’s true what these workers claim about following their calling to health, care or education because they love it, they’re hardly likely going to be the types who jack it in a pursue a career in, oh I don’t know, banking for instance.

So let’s set all public sector wages at the national average wage, currently about £25,500 but, and here’s the really good news, it’s falling. Win/win!

And when we cut public sector pay, let’s not forget those public servants at the Palace of Westminster. When our MPs are on the national average wage, maybe they’ll pull their socks up, get off their arses and doing some fucking work.

George Osbourne MP – rearrange the letters and see if you can find the words  bugger, semen or poo.

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