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Mr Hatchet

February 15, 2012

dev·il’s advocate (dᵉv’ᵊlz) n. One who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument or to determine the validity of the cause or position.

devilsaardvark   (a:d’va:k’) n. As devil’s advocate, only with a much larger nose.

I’m like a kid at Christmas! And more specifically, like the kid from the John Lewis advert, who has something extra special he wants to give.

I have a good friend, Dirk, who is a bit of a musical genius and just so happens to have a recording studio in his garage. Sadly, because of work and family commitments on both of our parts, we don’t get to hang out in the studio as much as we’d like. Yesterday, however, was completely different. We both abandoned our other halves on Valentines for a studio-fuelled bromance day and man, was it productive!

The track is called Mr Hatchet and I played it four times in a row on my way home. I would have played it again, but I had reached my destination. So I went inside and played it on the stereo to the future Mrs Aardvark and her parents. Twice, because as is generally the case, Dad had wandered off and missed the first playing.

So here it is, Mr Hatchet (demo). It is still a rough copy and does need some post-production detailing, but your feedback would be much appreciated. All the instruments (guitar and bass) and drum programming are done by me and the words and music are my own. Music & Lyrics by devilsaardvark ©devilsaardvark 2012 – all rights reserved. Note: there is an 8 second delay before the track starts.

Right, now I’m off to see if I can book myself some singing lessons.



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  1. Sue permalink

    No connection at all from my iPad

    • OK, hold fire everyone… it’s working on my laptop, but I’m going to contact the admin guys and find out what the problem is. Try back in a few hours.

      • Right, that seems to have sorted it. If anyone has any further issues with access, please leave a comment. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. nick permalink

    A few double bass licks and you’ve got a happy ending 😉

  3. you might know this guy – and empathise, not empathise with, his politics. you might know him and just like his music.

    it is actually fun negotiating your blog, it is akin to the coming up for air i experienced today and yesterday courtesy of julian barnes’s ‘the sense of an ending’.

    • Thanks for that. The name did ring a distant bell, and as a fan of the Blockheads, I now know why! I’ll also have a look at the Julian Barnes you refer to and see if I can make sense of the ‘coming up for air’ comment. I’m not entirely sure whether I’m being accused of holding someone’s head below the water line or providing an aqualung!

      • coming up for air … was a reference to my being suffocated by too much “heavy” reading. the escapism that a novel, or a well-written, blog offers- and you write well – is much appreciated.

        even if, we cannot always separate sport from politics, from time to time we have to and that is not a reference to your own, or even julian barnes’s politics, which i neither know, nor particularly care about. …. there can sometimes be a genuine case for art for arts sake, especially if it is doing no harm, and i have known right wing nutters to enjoy brecht and die hard stalinists who like nothing more than to sup a glass of rioja while listening to wagner. my wife’s father – i live in munich – likes listening to german marching songs from the “good” old days but he is actually a nice guy who wouldn’t harm a fly …… mind you he is 94 now, so maybe its just that his fly harming days are over.

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